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Monday, August 29, 2016

The New Generation Of Students

When I was the student, I didn't mind what grade would I have. I did not have hard feelings even if my mark in Physics  stopped only at 76.

My classmates always teased me if I got 77 in Math. But for me?  That is "so-what? "

I don't say "What the f*ck!" if my teacher gave me 78 in our English language subject. Instead I laughed about it and say,  "Maybe I'm not enjoying it enough. Try enjoying it more. " I always say to myself.

I did not complain to my Values Education subject teacher when she gave me 78 as my grade. Thanks to her I learned that I'm not educated enough and I admit it. With that, I had the chance to improve my behavior( even a bit) .

My friend felt happy when every time he sees his name on the list of top students. Well,  I had the same feeling even if my name is on the last of the list. Why?

It 's because it simply implies that I still had the chance to go up on the list. I took it as a challenge and not as a sad reality. Doing that brought me into an adventure that I enjoyed embarking on----the learning adventure!

Along the way, I didn't notice how I was doing. For every step of the journey, I leaped with enjoyment. I was able to grasp things that were unknown to me for the sake of unraveling mysteries and not for the numbers that were displayed on my report card.

I really enjoyed my learning adventure to the extent that I noticed myself  longing to continue it until my hairs whitened. But life doesn't work like that. Nothing is permanent. My turn for that kind of adventure has ended. Then,  my time to provide that sort of journey to the students like me before has come. So, I became a teacher who had a mindset that all students have enjoyment in schooling. However, the reality do not conform with what is in my mind. Students nowadays are different. I hate to compare but I am just saddened with the real world of schooling.

Young schoolers go to school just to comply with the requirement for attendance without real participation in the learning process. Some listen because surely what their teachers talk about will come out in the quizzes or quarterly examinations. Others just sit, murmuring "Ring the bell. Ring the bell. Ring the bell. " This only indicates that they don't see the fun in solving mathematics equation. They are afraid or ashamed to speak in English because they fear that they will be stating  grammatically incorrect sentences. They don't realize that it will bring  a jolly moment with their friends after uttering such imperfection.

I'm also saddened to see some students asking for a higher grade than what is in the class record. They beg their teachers to give them a mark higher than 80.

In my mind I say, "We are not the one who are giving their grades. They make it themselves. Teachers are just the human calculators who compute their quizzes and examinations for them. We only process what inputs they will provide to us teachers. "

The worst is they ask a higher one if they see it below 80. The reason behind this? As they claim, they will lose their chance to be listed on the tally of the students with honors.

Honor. Honor. Honor.

I am not informed that nowadays honor can be acquired through begging. I don't find the word in it.

Perhaps, school is just for schooling only and not for learning anymore. It has become an institution that only  readies young people in their future workplace and not for the stage where they will really excel.

Students' only concern is their grade and  not the learning behind those numbers.

I ask myself, "When will be the time that I will hear students say, ' I enjoy Math.' or 'I love English."

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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Maybe it was already a month (if my memory still works fine) since the last time I wrote an English-written entries in my blog.

I think I believe now the saying about a writer that you know you are a writer when you feel irritated if you haven't written anything in a day.

I have that sensation. But my feeling is somewhat an anxiety. I feel anxious when I don't write because I am paranoid that my passion as a writer will fade if I don't write even one day.  But to still keep that passion burning, I indulge myself to reading, hoping I would find something that will ignite an inspiration.

Yet,  nothing has come. But this time,  I am writing a Filipino humor eBook mostly about science.

Still,  I am not contented with my venture because I don't feel writing unless I write it in English. You may call that a treason. If it suits.

I don't know why I feel that way. Maybe I am used to my wannabe spirit that always produces nothing to be proud of.

I guess that attitude is another problem of me.  How to deal with it is I don't know.
That is why until now, I can't feel my own voice in my writing which hinders me to say what I have really to say.

Maybe time will tell when I will learn how to speak and hear my own voice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This time I want to talk about self-honesty. I don’t know if there is such a word because I did not search for the meaning of this when I am writing this.  But I guess, the word explains itself which tells being honest to yourself.

“To know yourself, ask the people around you.”

That what other people say. But I think, there is only one who can identify yourself far better than the others’ tell about you, and that is you, YOURSELF. And for the quotation above, I may revise that into “To know a bit of yourself, ask other people.”

People around you only see a bit of who you really are and not the whole YOU. People see things in you when you are with them. Your friends only know some of your attitudes when you are with them or hanging out with them. But they do not know beyond when you are not with them. Your teachers know how you behave in classroom but not in the house. Your parents know a little true of your personality when you speak to them not when you are not sharing something about you. All the things they see in you are partially real and partially not. Your friends think that you are kind, thoughtful, boastful or dependable. Your teachers see you as troublesome, an asset of the society or just a liability. Your parents believe that you are studious, hardworking or lazy in your study.

The only person who can truly confirm those judgments is YOU as long as pretention does not interfere in your decision. For me, pretending is an act of sugarcoating yourself and, I think, it’s far worse than being untrustworthy.

In my case, it was my habit hiding my true feeling even to myself. I tried to show the feeling that I am okay even though I am not. I always tell to my friends that I had nothing to worry even an obvious problem is on the run. I felt the scraping guilt pierced in my conscience because of not being true.  Myself, sometimes, can’t trust himself. What I am worrying is the trust of others. How could they give their trust to me if myself can’t trust me? So, I told to myself this should not happen. I must be true especially to myself. With that realization, I feel uplifted whenever I display the true me. I feel lying in a cloud of comfort. I feel a big boulder chained in my feet had unlatched. I am free. I feel an absolute freedom.

People pretend to preserve themselves. An act to experience pure goodness. But with that action, people also forget and tend to go away with the very first and foremost goodness they must cultivate which is being true and honest to yourself or simple self-honesty. A goodness that is not only preserved by you when you develop it but also a precious thing that will be treasured by everybody when you care showing it to them.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why Star Wars Is So Addicting?

I do not know when was Star Wars became the most popular saga or book series. The only thing I am sure is that I was only a toddler when it conquered the world, sending thrills to everyone who read or watched it.  I am also certain that it was undeniably a phenomenal fad for its fanatics when it was on its Golden Age, which is evident on how some people still remember every characters and places in the story.

At first, I was asking myself before if why many people were so addicted on this story. I am not fond of reading books that is why I cannot relate to any discussion pertaining to it. As I grow up and become thirstier on knowledge, I learn to love reading. Once I had finished reading the first book ever in my life, which I remember it was the Angels and Demons of Dan Brown, my hate of reading turned to be my most lovable fondness of mine. I read many fiction books and sometimes non-fictions until I came across with a book entitled “Star Wars: Darth Maul the Shadow Hunter” of Michael Reaves. At first, I was not interested to browse the pages of that book. However, when I only read the first sentence (Space is the only perfect place to hide.), I was driven to read the whole story and I did not regret on my action.

Upon finishing that, my answer to my question regarding why many people before were so addicted on this story revealed. How the authors created this multi-version book had definitely left the people something to crave for (the type of characters, the government system, the social status, etc.,). Most of all, this book is nearly related to the reality. It is just authors used this book as a medium to describe what our real world is and they were trying to deliver a message to million readers of it.

When I finished reading the first Star Wars book I’ve ever read, I was curious what do the different species (Twi’lek, Hutt, etc.)in the story look like. So to know that, I downloaded a list of Star Wars species with their pictures. That was totally crazy because those are just fictional characters and I was become curious to know their faces. Because of that, I had proven how addicting Star Wars really is.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why Do We Have To Read?

Why do we have to read?

“Reading is the greatest past time”.

Do you believe in the statement? 

Me?  I do!

Instead of playing addicting video games, chitchatting with my peers and watching monotonous TV program, I will choose reading books.

Why do I say so? Well, there are lots of reasons I would save to explain my claim but I will just cite some practical benefits of reading.

Before, I found reading as boring hobby.  I could not even finish one book.  But the time I finished one was also the start of longing for another book.  Everytime I start to read, there is this feeling that I want to finish it.  Then as I got addicted on reading, I did not notice myself also changing. 

1. Reading is vocabulary banking.
Before, there were simple words I can’t even comprehend.  But now, I already know that the word “make” is the same with create, construct, produce and yield.  Words like groan, mutter, mumble and other simp0le words that I could not understand before, I already know the meaning.

2. Reading improves your grammar.
As I got used with reading hobby, I noticed myself writing only few errors when it comes to grammar unlike with lots of obvious errors before.  It had also helped me to lengthen my sentence.  From a short sentence of “The mango is ripe.” to “the large mango hanging on the tree is sweet when it is already ripe.” 
3. Reading is meditating.
Meditating is one way to escape from ridiculous reality by merely concentrating on one thing.  This keeps your mind healthy and refreshed. When you are reading, you must also concentrate on the story so can follow the flow.  It stiffened your focus on one thing for you to get rid of absurd reality.

4. Reading transforms you into a philosopher.
Philosophers are said to be logical when they think.  Readers can be also turned into logical one when they are putting themselves in arguable situations in the story.  Reacting in some statements that you are not involve concern with provides you the opportunity to reason out and present your stand on the issue.

5.Reading is a playground and a reminder hub.
Reading some fictitious novel will let you explore the different world and fascinating dreamland of every writer.  Reading a newspaper every morning reminds you of what is happening in your environment.

Friday, January 15, 2016

15 Life Lessons Taught By Clash Of Clans

Since the booming of virtual games five years ago, many people had found way to entertain themselves during their leisure times and to do what they can’t do in actual.

With “Farmville”, people learned the hardship of sowing just to acquire a good harvest. With “Tetris Battle”, many have found the importance of fitting pieces together. “Candy Crush” has served the sweetness of being alike with others. Also, our patience was tested as we hardly look for the right softness of tap in our Android Phones to lead“Flappy Bird” farther to obtain a higher score.

All of those games have become part of the advancement of point-of-views about game development, and also within those boredom-killing games are lessons to be learned in life. Some of us have discerned them, but most of us have only played without realizing the lessons integrated in the game.

At present, another addicting game has emerged which, on the other hand, tests every user’s leadership capability—the “Clash of Clans”. A game where organization, wise-decision and strategic thinking matter.

Even by only watching other people playing it, I still felt the irresistible aura pulling me to try it also. At first, I was asking myself about what could I get if I play that addicting game. I told to myself, it’s just a waste of time, and so I just only watched other people tapping their phones to upgrade their barracks, to train their troops and to attack other people’s kingdom. And as time passed by, watching it made me realized the lessons the game wanted to convey, and I came up with these:

1. Success starts from scratch.

2. Improvement takes time.

3. Gold can’t buy a man.

4. Everything has a limit.

5. To handle overflowing problems, upgrade your coping capability.

6. Achievements motivate people to pursue higher and more difficult goals.

7. To widen the greenness of your thoughts about life, get rid of stony hindrances.

8. Connection creates a stronger defense against destruction.

9. By just playing the game considering a lot of priority to do, it only proves that life has several irresistible temptations.

10. After eradicating useless features of our personality, a new space for improvement appears.

11. Surrender does not reflect cowardice but instead it is wisdom.

12. There are things we can conquer and there are things we can’t defeat.

13. Success may, sometimes, need sacrifice.

14. Beneath a colossal blockage is a gem of success.

15. Getting rid of life’s hindrances, sometimes, takes a lot of times.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Tips To Please A Girl (Out-of-the-Bed Edition

Is drawing smile on your girl’s face hard for you to do? Even whatever you do, still, your effort seems awkward on her part? One of the most common solutions of men is through bed. Impressing a girl is only one of the hardest parts in love industry. But with these realistic tips outside the bed contemplated from the different women’s magazine, at the end of the day, you would surely glance a little grin from your girl which will be eventually widened to smile.

1. Be yourself
Most of the girls want to know who really you are. So act normally. Show yourself. Don’t try to be someone for you to be noticed by the girl you really like.

2. Excellent hygiene

Well, if you have smelled yourself not that good, start doing something that will scent you perfect. Best is always better than good. So don’t be contented for just good hygiene. If you don’t want the girl wanting to never get near of you and always wanting to get rid of you, never talk to her without brushing your teeth.

3. Get rid of routines

Just like in classroom, routines make the discussion so monotonous. Not engaging. Think of something adventurous. Get out of the box. Try something that enthralls her mood.

4. Talk with sense

Never ask her what she ate in her breakfast. Just for her to talk, don’t tell something that is obvious. Saying that she is pretty which she already knew is a lame technique. Why not try raising inquiries something she will be able to share about. Have a sense of humor. Girls really love men with sense of humor.
5. Clinginess is a weakness

Being on her side always is good. But following her wherever she go is not advisable. Let her spend her time alone. Both of you need to spend some time without each other. The longer you are not with her, the better longing she will have for you.

6. Don’t be paranoid

If you trust your girl, never put any malice or meaning in everything she do to make her pretty. Never confront her about putting a makeup on her face because you thought she will be dating with someone. Let her take care of her beauty. You are not a woman. You don’t have to dictate what to put on your girl’s flawless face. You don’t know about their needs.
7. Shut up sometimes

Know when to talk and never fire your Gatling-gun-like mouth. A soft voice appears like music. But a rattling noise is an eardrum-breaker.
8. Low down your pride

Because you are a man, you are always right but you are not. Whoever causes the tension, being the one who is first to admit the sin is a good thing.
9. Never bring up the letter before Y

Talking about ex’s is like comparing. Comparing your girl to your ex, for them, is discouraging. Always let her hear that the only word that your mouth speaks is her. And stop talking about past. Live on the present and make good for the future.

10. Always act the best policy

Being honest is one of the factors that women want about men. A myriad of established good things about your relationship will be torn down by a single lie. Once you uttered lie, never expect the kind of her before. Always take care of her trust.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Divergent : A Perception About Future | A Book Review

Choosing where you belong is important. What you choose, determines who you are!

In the midst of technological advancement, things will be soon put in the spotlight of uproar and commotion. And soon, everything will be wrecked. Recovery will not that easy as one click. It requires time for the people to think of the ways to start new beginning. Things that will keep peace in the society. One of the possible solutions might be clustering the community into many possible parties.

For make things easier, Veronica Roth has suggested five divisions that can be made. Test will find out where you belong.

Are you kind to be included in splinter group of Amity? Brave to become Dauntless? Do you value honesty to be enlisted in peer of Candor? Wise to be in Erudite? Selfless to shelter with Abnegation? Do you belong with one of those? Or are you fit in more than one mentioned? Then, you will be hunted. Because you are what they call DIVERGENT!

Veronica Roth had amusingly and hypothetically predicted the circumstances that will left to humanity after an unexpected pandemonium in the world in her sci-fi book, Divergent. She had also pointed out how things will work with the perpetual help of being classified yet organized nature of society and how to become different. She did not also eradicate the adverse effect of the powerful greediness of those who are well-informed or educated. But in spite of those chaos, the importance of a family is shown by Veronica in her book.

Roth, in her book, described how the world turned out after a war. And as a result, wreckage and upheaval are all around. In her book, to make things in order and to keep peace, classification is the best solution. The five groups that are formed in her book are Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Candor and Erudite. Every child who turned sixteen are obliged to choose what faction they want to be belong regardless of the result of the test given before the Choosing Ceremony. But if your test result gives inconclusive answer which may show that you are fit for two or more factions, you will be called as Divergent.

Divergents are hunted down by the leaders of the Erudite faction because of the hidden agenda they are planning to set in the new form of the world. To execute their plans, they controlled the soldier faction, Dauntless, by injecting chemicals on their body. But as Divergent, if you are included in that faction you will not be affected. That is why they kill those who are Divergent.

Beatrice Prior, the main character and classified as the Divergent, had stopped the plan of the Erudite who want to take over the running of the government.

Veronica Roth created a piece that worth pondering. Mind brooding and instructive world's future landscape.

Dan Brown's First Page-Turner Novel

How could someone miss the name of this definite genius in writing? An author who creatively and assumingly decoded the message of the famous painter-Leonardo Da Vinci- with his writing which undoubtedly heaved million of readers around the world to browse his masterpiece expecting until the end. A writer who had caught the attention of the most influential religious leader in the world. An scriber who lines his piece with suspense and unpredictable twist of story. These are only some of the common descriptions of this one-of-a-kind writer in the world—Dan Brown.

Surely, Dan Brown had transformed the world of writing with his certainly distinctive scribing style. But before we had glimpsed on his most renowned book, The Da Vinci Code, before the “Inferno” conflagrated into readers mind, before we joined Robert Langdon in his quest for the search of “The Lost Symbol,” before we had witnessed the features of “Angels and Demons” and before we had been pulled with the tricks staged by the most world-known science agency in his book “Deception Point,” Dan Brown had revealed to the public the first peeping machine built by human with his breathtaking, suspenseful book “The Digital Fortress."

About the book

For someone who did not yet read this exceptional book by Brown, this article aims to give you a peek about his first novel.

Published in 1998, this book is all about one of the dangerous yet the greatest inventions in the digital world- Digital Fortress. Digital Fortress is a kind of digital code that no one can break even the fastest and smartest decrypting computer of the National Security Agency in USA. That code was invented by one of the well-known digital persons and called as the crippled genius, Ensei Tankado who had once been an agent of NSA before which later been expelled because of what he requested to his superior in informing all the citizen of USA that their agency is rearing a machine that can hear and see every conversation they have digitally which was obviously opposed to the his superior’s will. As a warning, Ensei invented the unbreakable code which contains a very powerful defense-demolishing program that can destruct the firewalls of the database of the USA intelligence and be exposed to every potential enemy of USA. And with that, the head cryptographer of the NSA, Susan Fletcher is tasked to break that code which also contains every single ancient method of transferring a code. And without Susan’s prior notice, her boyfriend, David Becker, was involved on the mission to break the code who also undergone ferocious path to complete the task. David was sent by Susan’s superior, the Deputy director of NSA, Commander Trevor Strathmore, on the mission to gain information about the code that can break Tankado’s masterpiece. Later on in the story, it was revealed that Strathmore had sent Susan’s boyfriend on the mission for some hidden agenda which is to get rid of him while he works with his new apple-of-the-eye and head cryptographer, Susan. At the end, with the frustrations they suffered in unveiling the secret code to break the  indestructible code, Susan led her team in undraping the code with her insightful mind getting the message of Tankado before he passed away who only wanted for his countrymen to make known to all of them about the glancing machine of USA.
Review about the book

Truly, it is a masterpiece of a gifted enabling every reader to engage in such an owned-built world. Informative and exasperating in all angle.

Some of the subjects implied by this book are about patriotism or the extreme love for country and transparency among the agencies of government. Patriotism is shown on the part of the Deputy Director of the National Security Agency Commander Trevor Strathmore who is willing to sacrifice anything for the welfare of majority. He sent his subordinates on the mission allowing him to do whatever means necessary to complete the task even killing of people just to protect his country by believing that making the machine known for few persons and be kept in secret from the public.
Transparency among the agencies of government was illustrated by Ensei Tankado in his task to oblige the National Security Agency to reveal the secret about their machine that can hear and see every digital conversation of the US citizens.

“There are no secrets that are never put into light.” The statement simply means that every secret will be revealed soon. No secrets will be unknown forever. I had stated the sentence because of the scenario in the story in which the government of the USA has a secret which regards to the peeping machine that peeks and eavesdrops to every conversation of others. And that is considered as a violation of individual right to privacy. And to that, later on that secret will be exposed to public.

Asking me if I enjoyed reading the story, I will surely answer yes because it made me pulled on its every page until the end. I enjoyed reading information that is new to me and this book provided them for me

The Consequence

Everyone is happy. But I do not remember if I have the same feeling.

Four years of undergoing through  the rigid filter of becoming a teacher was not like what I thought about it as easy. But the exhaustion coming off from the unending quest of grasping every knowledge relevant to my specialization, from sleepless nights doing blueprints of my lesson and, of course, from tiring days of handling uncontrollable new generation of students is slowly wearing off as I sigh the relief of success during the Graduation Day.

Everyone is happy especially her, my mother. The one who sweat the most for my school fees.

Seeing the tears of joy in her black, full-of-hardship eyes forces me to hideously sob inside me.

I may admit, it is not my success. But it’s hers. I just do the technical process for her.

That Big Day, I told to myself, “I would continue what I've started to give her a consolation.”

I will be a teacher. It was my promise.

But now, I am not. I pursued my personal selfish ambition to become a published writer someday. And every time I thought of her expectation, I feel strayed in my way to where I want to be.

Living on that colossal bubble of pressure with scraping knife of guilt had driven me to three things I did not dream of.

Being lost. Being confused. Being directionless.

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Resolution: A Key To A Better Change Or A Self-Mockery?

“I’ll be good this year,” “I’ll have my proper diet,” “No more carbs this time,” “I’ll start studying my lesson,” “No more cheating in school,”

Sounds familiar? Well, actually, admit it or not, those are some sweet promises we utter as the year ends and as the New Year starts. Those are our New Year’s Resolutions we tell to ourselves not only when we were children but also now that we are already grown up. Sounds good isn’t? Keeping promises to ourselves. Setting goals for ourselves at the start of the year. It is certainly a good thing to begin the year ahead of us.

The only question will be “Are we really doing those things?” Do we really carry those things out all time? Or it is another proof that we are consistently inconsistent in our action? Will those things really trigger us for a better change? Or those are just another promises to break?

With the fact that sometimes or maybe always we are inconsistent in our action, I try not to set goals that are not attainable or promise to myself before the New Year starts a thing that I cannot accomplish at the end of the year. Well, aiming high is good. But too much like that is somewhat driving you to become ambitious until such time the goal that you are setting will be already unattainable.

So as the year ended, and before we step seriously on the first ladder of New Year let us not forget to set goals. Goals that we can possibly achieve at the end of the year and not the things that we do not even dare to do at the start. Or else, our sweet promises to ourselves will turn out to be a sour self-mockery.

The Revenge Of Seven | A Book Review

Only seven of them remain. One of them was already dead. The other one turned to enemy side.

Outnumbered. Betrayed. But the Gardes’ remaining hope to win the war is still igniting and becoming a conflagration of optimistic spirits. With the increment accumulation of aids from human race, their fight for survival and for the regeneration of their home continued.

Bereaved with the lost of Eight from the trap plotted by Number Five on the Mogadorian assumed territory in Florida, Six, Nine and Seven wandered to reunite with the other Garde. As they seek their way home, the three of them found a person who led them to one of the Mog’s headquarters. With the cold vengeance incessantly lurking inside Seven, lover of Eight, the Gardes protruded in spite of the danger of their plan to acquire the remains of their fallen comrade in the enemies’ territory.

On the other hand, John Smith, the so-called “Number Four” led the remaining left overs of his race with the help of their friends; Sam, Malcolm (Sam’s father), Sarah (Four’s girlfriend),  Adam, a Mogadorian traitor  who joined and helped the Gardes in winning their war who also obtained the Legacy of one of the Gardes after an experiment of the Mogadorians, and other entities including government officials.

Kidnapped but not hurt by her Mogadorian captors, Ella or Number Ten had been enlightened about her true identity regarding “Who is she?” and why her captors did not even dare to touch her, and it was revealed that the Mogadorian Beloved Leader, Setrakus Ra and the Tenth Garde share the same bloodline.

As the story continued to its climax, more and more secrets were revealed to Gardes regarding their mission on Earth. One of these is the place where to start, the Sanctuary.
After reuniting, the Gardes had to embark, once again separately, in missions that they believed it would direct them to winning the war. Six, Seven and Adam flew to Sanctuary to know what vital information had been etched on the place. Four, Nine and Sam together with their new help from CIA Agent Walker and her team drove to New York to capture Setrakus Ra’s brainwashed allies in the US government.

Four and Sam, before the book ended, had been left dumbfounded from the new absolutely surprising event occurred in time of desperation. Sam, a human friend of Four, exerted hidden power within him to save his best friend from peril…


The story possesses a simplicity that enables every reader to get along with the flow of events. The format on how the story is written is suitable for all ages. Everyone can easily understand the story. I admire Pittacus Lore in his very innovative and creative way of sequentially telling the story on the first person point-of view. The switching of people who talked in the story is a perfect device to divert the focus of the flow. The author is undoubtedly armed with a brilliant imagination combined with hooking techniques that enable the reader not only to anticipate what will happen in the next chapter but also to expect the next book already.

Another exceptional piece from Pittacus. I can’t wait to read the next episode!

Where Are You Now

Tears form on my longing eyes, eventually turning to a burst that runs down through my old, sagging cheeks as the reminiscence of our suppose-to-be-forever past, the only thing that keeps me back in time, lingers in my curling, sooun-to-be scatty consciousness.

The vibrant, lasting images of our tenderness to each other flash causing an ironical sadness instead of wide grin in my elapsed face.

The thought of forever seems only happen on dreamy tales as I recapture our love’s very end. Last words of yours wound my assuming heart causing my life until now wanders for no reason.  Revealing my scapegoat that I hardly tried to seek the kind of yours in such a pretentious world but the mock memories of ours glued me in the idea that one day, your silky, amorous hair will still wave before my eyes. The warmth of your body will still blaze the cold, lonely nights. The radiance of your scarlet lips will someday become the source of vivaciousness of my dry, yearning lips. But as the seconds tick, the realization that those illuminations of yours will be just a sweet description that I can somehow glimpse on a romantic masterpiece.

Different from my ignorance about how things about us started, the gloom within me consumes my lively identity as I slowly stride my first step to white peacefulness without you by my side. I just wonder if you would still answer me if I ask you “Where are you now?”

Sunday, January 10, 2016


"If there's something you don't understand about yourself, try to consult me. " the dictionary said.

90% Brain Access

Accessing the 90% of our brain? Sounds promising.

If the opportunity comes, here are some of the things I’ll maybe do if I experience a limitless-and-lucy-movie-like scenario.

1. Write thousands of novels. Firstly, books related to my dream-to-play-in-the–world –pitch sport, soccer.

2. Read hundreds of suspense, thriller, sci-fi and advanced-military-operation depicting novels.

3. Learn all the languages in the world.

4. Have a debate with the Top 100 Most Intelligent People in the world.

5. Play Chess against the Top 100 Grandmasters in the globe.

6. Play Scrabble against the Top 100 Lexicographers in the world.

7. Study all the courses and take the Licensure Examinations of all professions.

8. Manage the weakest soccer club and aim to defeat the 100 toughest clubs in the world.

9. Design all the dream-of inventions like time machine, spacecraft that can roam around the universe, Elixir, Earth’s beauty rejuvenation potion

10. Prepare the most savory and mouth-drooling recipe for all the foods on Earth.

How good to think of those. So, what’s yours?

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Remnant of Celebration

The New Year’s celebration ends
As well as the happiness
Here comes the sadness
As the reality enters the business.

Smiles, grins and laughter
Brought by stories happened
During the long time of not seeing each other
Are now starting to fade.

The loud crackling tone of firecrackers
That generated the sound of merriness for a short moment
Is now becoming quiet,
Silencing the heart with nostalgic effect.

Another year is about to start
Which sounds another lengthy time to wait
For a family to unite
As they live their own personal lives.

Morning Rise

Sunshine beam into my eyes
As the new day begins to rise
My arms obey my mind
When it ordered,
“Stretch yourself just like reaching a colossal height.”

Witnessing my will and body
Synchronizing at my day’s start
Encourages me to let my tardiness be out
Giving me a surging stream of energy
To face what lies ahead with doubt-free

A cold, refreshing morning mist
Moistens with freshness
My skin that drained out into total dryness

Asking myself what to do
My routine scolds me so
Drilling the reality
That I have been used to

Work, eat and sleep
The rhythm of a man
With life worth so cheap
Which everyone denied to keep

2015 © Copyright
The Strayed Wannabe

Mistaken Self-Pity

I thought I was the only one
But when I looked at them
I was wrong

I thought I was the only one thinking about it
But when I talked to them
I was wrong

I thought I was the only one getting hopeless
But when I heard them saying the same thing I was thinking
I was wrong

I though I was the only one feeling directionless
But when someone cried while sharing his experience
I was wrong

I thought I was the only one finding reason to wake up in the morning
But when I saw someone intentionally met up with his ending
I was wrong

It’s really difficult to overthink about it
You are not really sure when the opportunity will come
Or will it ever come?
I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired being…


Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Number Of Destiny

They always ask me the question, “What is special with the number 27?”

My only and always response is, “It’s the number of destiny.”

Some would frown if they hear that answer from me which only implies their HUH? reaction.

They want to say, “What are you talking about?”

However, they are being stopped with the awkwardness of that moment. So, their only choice is to keep quiet, ignore what I said and let the ambiance go back to normal.

Also sometimes, there are some profound people who would ask that question and would react in different way instead of frowning. The next thing they want to hear after my destiny-thing answer is the reason behind that reply.

Well, that is not difficult for me to do. In fact, I would eagerly tell the basis of my answer, poetically.

So, when they position themselves to listen, I start my storytelling in…

“On one cold breezy night of second day of March in the year nineteen-ninety-three, the first cry of a boy was heard. A sound of new life echoed on that moment, giving smile of happiness to the people around him to see the new member of their family.

A month and twenty-five days after, thousands of kilometers away from where the boy was born, another cry of fresh existence had reverberated on that twenty-seventh day of April in the same year, giving a lovable couple who have already four sons their first girl in their family.

These two children lived their own different lives. Grew up without knowing what comes ahead on their future. With those long years that they do not know each other or even do not know if one of them exists, it was impossible that their path would converge in one direction.

Many years had passed and the two were still living their own lives. Both of them were enjoying their happy moments mostly on their schooldays.

Exactly seventeen years after these two people were born, on the year two-thousand-ten, at the seventh day of June, first day of their college years, the impossibility for both of them to meet had been broken.

The boy, seeing that woman then, was captivated by the radiance of her beauty. He felt that an angel had come down. That time the only relationship they have is being a classmate. So, the boy used that advantage to show-off during their class, trying to impress his apple-of-the-eye. With his continuous effort, the blessing had come. Their path had become one. Though they are still living their different lives, the two had made a promise that someday it would become one.

That was why the boy never forgets every special date of their lives. His birthday, the birthday of his girl and most special, the first day they met. ”
So that’s it. That is the story I always tell to the people who would care to ask about the reason behind the number 27.

If you consider the three special dates, there is only one you could think of a perfect number with those…


I always tell to myself that even though there is no number twenty-seven briefcase in a variety show Deal or No Deal, I felt that I am already a millionaire by having the girl of my life.

Every one of us has a favorite number. Some choose it because it is their birthday or maybe it is lucky. But do other people have more profound reason why they choose their favorite number? If you do have, what is that reason?


I Want To Write

Something pops-up in my mind
I want to write

The pen excitedly trembles in my hand
I want to write

A clean sheet appears before my eyes
I want to write

My ass glued on my cot so tight
I want to write

My creativity starts to ignite
I want to write

My cellphones beeps on my right
Followed by the realization
That is already late at night

I try to fight
The dizziness that poisons me so fast

Now that my mood soars like a kite
I can’t believe that
That something that popped-up had already fade out

Though I want to write
But perhaps my timing is not right
Maybe I’ll just follow what it would be like
And think everything will be alright

There’s tomorrow to come
Another day for sunshine to beam so bright
I just wish my earnestness to write
Will still spark even in the midst of the night.

2015 ©Copyright
The Strayed Wannabe

My New Fascination

I stopped by on the bookstore and saw that book. To share it with what is that, it’s my new fascination aside from starting this blog.

The Copernicus Legacy Series by Tony Abott.

It caught my attention when I read the review about the book. It said that it is a book like Dan Brown’s for young readers. Well, seeing that, I could tell that it is amazing and I did not hesitate to include that on my booklist this year. I can’t wait to finish this series. :D

What about you guys? What’s in your booklist? Or have you read this book already? What can you tell about it?

I’ll be glad to hear it as long as you don’t spoil it when you tell me. :D

The "Big Bang" Moment

A pleasant day to everyone who is stopping by here in my little realm!

I just downloaded the Blogaway app for my phone and it’s time to make this blog glinting already. I will not be following my plan for this blog but I will be doing the best I can to somehow give you small entertainment for those bibliophile like me.

But before anything else, let me introduce myself.

I call myself as The Strayed Wannabe.  What is the reason behind this?

Well, strayed because I feel in myself that I am directionless. I do not know what path to take. I love writing but my profession said that I am a teacher so I should do teaching.

I branded myself as wannabe because I want to be a published author someday but my irrelevant habits keep me on hindering.

I am a 100% native Filipino living in the countryside of the Philippines. I love American novels the way I love our country’s literature.

My favorite books are Dan Brown’s and Pittacus Lore’s. Recently, I am starting to love Tony Abott’s The Coopernicus Legacy Series.

My favorite TV Shows are Person Of Interest, CSI, The Flash and The Blacklist. I am not a fan of zombie so with The Walking Dead.

I also read manga (a Japanese comics). I am fanatic of Naruto and Hunter X Hunter. But at this moment, I read Toriko.

Aside from writing in which I published on my Figment page, I also play soccer.  I love touching a ball with my feet. May I slightly brag by saying that I am a good with scoring a goal? No? Okay, let’s leave that behind.

I guess I already told you about things that are special to me. How about telling about yours too? I’ll be glad to hear it.

It’s nice to have you here.

The Strayed Wannabe

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