Sunday, January 10, 2016

90% Brain Access

Accessing the 90% of our brain? Sounds promising.

If the opportunity comes, here are some of the things I’ll maybe do if I experience a limitless-and-lucy-movie-like scenario.

1. Write thousands of novels. Firstly, books related to my dream-to-play-in-the–world –pitch sport, soccer.

2. Read hundreds of suspense, thriller, sci-fi and advanced-military-operation depicting novels.

3. Learn all the languages in the world.

4. Have a debate with the Top 100 Most Intelligent People in the world.

5. Play Chess against the Top 100 Grandmasters in the globe.

6. Play Scrabble against the Top 100 Lexicographers in the world.

7. Study all the courses and take the Licensure Examinations of all professions.

8. Manage the weakest soccer club and aim to defeat the 100 toughest clubs in the world.

9. Design all the dream-of inventions like time machine, spacecraft that can roam around the universe, Elixir, Earth’s beauty rejuvenation potion

10. Prepare the most savory and mouth-drooling recipe for all the foods on Earth.

How good to think of those. So, what’s yours?

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