Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why Do We Have To Read?

Why do we have to read?

“Reading is the greatest past time”.

Do you believe in the statement? 

Me?  I do!

Instead of playing addicting video games, chitchatting with my peers and watching monotonous TV program, I will choose reading books.

Why do I say so? Well, there are lots of reasons I would save to explain my claim but I will just cite some practical benefits of reading.

Before, I found reading as boring hobby.  I could not even finish one book.  But the time I finished one was also the start of longing for another book.  Everytime I start to read, there is this feeling that I want to finish it.  Then as I got addicted on reading, I did not notice myself also changing. 

1. Reading is vocabulary banking.
Before, there were simple words I can’t even comprehend.  But now, I already know that the word “make” is the same with create, construct, produce and yield.  Words like groan, mutter, mumble and other simp0le words that I could not understand before, I already know the meaning.

2. Reading improves your grammar.
As I got used with reading hobby, I noticed myself writing only few errors when it comes to grammar unlike with lots of obvious errors before.  It had also helped me to lengthen my sentence.  From a short sentence of “The mango is ripe.” to “the large mango hanging on the tree is sweet when it is already ripe.” 
3. Reading is meditating.
Meditating is one way to escape from ridiculous reality by merely concentrating on one thing.  This keeps your mind healthy and refreshed. When you are reading, you must also concentrate on the story so can follow the flow.  It stiffened your focus on one thing for you to get rid of absurd reality.

4. Reading transforms you into a philosopher.
Philosophers are said to be logical when they think.  Readers can be also turned into logical one when they are putting themselves in arguable situations in the story.  Reacting in some statements that you are not involve concern with provides you the opportunity to reason out and present your stand on the issue.

5.Reading is a playground and a reminder hub.
Reading some fictitious novel will let you explore the different world and fascinating dreamland of every writer.  Reading a newspaper every morning reminds you of what is happening in your environment.

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