Friday, January 15, 2016

15 Life Lessons Taught By Clash Of Clans

Since the booming of virtual games five years ago, many people had found way to entertain themselves during their leisure times and to do what they can’t do in actual.

With “Farmville”, people learned the hardship of sowing just to acquire a good harvest. With “Tetris Battle”, many have found the importance of fitting pieces together. “Candy Crush” has served the sweetness of being alike with others. Also, our patience was tested as we hardly look for the right softness of tap in our Android Phones to lead“Flappy Bird” farther to obtain a higher score.

All of those games have become part of the advancement of point-of-views about game development, and also within those boredom-killing games are lessons to be learned in life. Some of us have discerned them, but most of us have only played without realizing the lessons integrated in the game.

At present, another addicting game has emerged which, on the other hand, tests every user’s leadership capability—the “Clash of Clans”. A game where organization, wise-decision and strategic thinking matter.

Even by only watching other people playing it, I still felt the irresistible aura pulling me to try it also. At first, I was asking myself about what could I get if I play that addicting game. I told to myself, it’s just a waste of time, and so I just only watched other people tapping their phones to upgrade their barracks, to train their troops and to attack other people’s kingdom. And as time passed by, watching it made me realized the lessons the game wanted to convey, and I came up with these:

1. Success starts from scratch.

2. Improvement takes time.

3. Gold can’t buy a man.

4. Everything has a limit.

5. To handle overflowing problems, upgrade your coping capability.

6. Achievements motivate people to pursue higher and more difficult goals.

7. To widen the greenness of your thoughts about life, get rid of stony hindrances.

8. Connection creates a stronger defense against destruction.

9. By just playing the game considering a lot of priority to do, it only proves that life has several irresistible temptations.

10. After eradicating useless features of our personality, a new space for improvement appears.

11. Surrender does not reflect cowardice but instead it is wisdom.

12. There are things we can conquer and there are things we can’t defeat.

13. Success may, sometimes, need sacrifice.

14. Beneath a colossal blockage is a gem of success.

15. Getting rid of life’s hindrances, sometimes, takes a lot of times.

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