Monday, January 11, 2016

The Revenge Of Seven | A Book Review

Only seven of them remain. One of them was already dead. The other one turned to enemy side.

Outnumbered. Betrayed. But the Gardes’ remaining hope to win the war is still igniting and becoming a conflagration of optimistic spirits. With the increment accumulation of aids from human race, their fight for survival and for the regeneration of their home continued.

Bereaved with the lost of Eight from the trap plotted by Number Five on the Mogadorian assumed territory in Florida, Six, Nine and Seven wandered to reunite with the other Garde. As they seek their way home, the three of them found a person who led them to one of the Mog’s headquarters. With the cold vengeance incessantly lurking inside Seven, lover of Eight, the Gardes protruded in spite of the danger of their plan to acquire the remains of their fallen comrade in the enemies’ territory.

On the other hand, John Smith, the so-called “Number Four” led the remaining left overs of his race with the help of their friends; Sam, Malcolm (Sam’s father), Sarah (Four’s girlfriend),  Adam, a Mogadorian traitor  who joined and helped the Gardes in winning their war who also obtained the Legacy of one of the Gardes after an experiment of the Mogadorians, and other entities including government officials.

Kidnapped but not hurt by her Mogadorian captors, Ella or Number Ten had been enlightened about her true identity regarding “Who is she?” and why her captors did not even dare to touch her, and it was revealed that the Mogadorian Beloved Leader, Setrakus Ra and the Tenth Garde share the same bloodline.

As the story continued to its climax, more and more secrets were revealed to Gardes regarding their mission on Earth. One of these is the place where to start, the Sanctuary.
After reuniting, the Gardes had to embark, once again separately, in missions that they believed it would direct them to winning the war. Six, Seven and Adam flew to Sanctuary to know what vital information had been etched on the place. Four, Nine and Sam together with their new help from CIA Agent Walker and her team drove to New York to capture Setrakus Ra’s brainwashed allies in the US government.

Four and Sam, before the book ended, had been left dumbfounded from the new absolutely surprising event occurred in time of desperation. Sam, a human friend of Four, exerted hidden power within him to save his best friend from peril…


The story possesses a simplicity that enables every reader to get along with the flow of events. The format on how the story is written is suitable for all ages. Everyone can easily understand the story. I admire Pittacus Lore in his very innovative and creative way of sequentially telling the story on the first person point-of view. The switching of people who talked in the story is a perfect device to divert the focus of the flow. The author is undoubtedly armed with a brilliant imagination combined with hooking techniques that enable the reader not only to anticipate what will happen in the next chapter but also to expect the next book already.

Another exceptional piece from Pittacus. I can’t wait to read the next episode!

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