Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Tips To Please A Girl (Out-of-the-Bed Edition

Is drawing smile on your girl’s face hard for you to do? Even whatever you do, still, your effort seems awkward on her part? One of the most common solutions of men is through bed. Impressing a girl is only one of the hardest parts in love industry. But with these realistic tips outside the bed contemplated from the different women’s magazine, at the end of the day, you would surely glance a little grin from your girl which will be eventually widened to smile.

1. Be yourself
Most of the girls want to know who really you are. So act normally. Show yourself. Don’t try to be someone for you to be noticed by the girl you really like.

2. Excellent hygiene

Well, if you have smelled yourself not that good, start doing something that will scent you perfect. Best is always better than good. So don’t be contented for just good hygiene. If you don’t want the girl wanting to never get near of you and always wanting to get rid of you, never talk to her without brushing your teeth.

3. Get rid of routines

Just like in classroom, routines make the discussion so monotonous. Not engaging. Think of something adventurous. Get out of the box. Try something that enthralls her mood.

4. Talk with sense

Never ask her what she ate in her breakfast. Just for her to talk, don’t tell something that is obvious. Saying that she is pretty which she already knew is a lame technique. Why not try raising inquiries something she will be able to share about. Have a sense of humor. Girls really love men with sense of humor.
5. Clinginess is a weakness

Being on her side always is good. But following her wherever she go is not advisable. Let her spend her time alone. Both of you need to spend some time without each other. The longer you are not with her, the better longing she will have for you.

6. Don’t be paranoid

If you trust your girl, never put any malice or meaning in everything she do to make her pretty. Never confront her about putting a makeup on her face because you thought she will be dating with someone. Let her take care of her beauty. You are not a woman. You don’t have to dictate what to put on your girl’s flawless face. You don’t know about their needs.
7. Shut up sometimes

Know when to talk and never fire your Gatling-gun-like mouth. A soft voice appears like music. But a rattling noise is an eardrum-breaker.
8. Low down your pride

Because you are a man, you are always right but you are not. Whoever causes the tension, being the one who is first to admit the sin is a good thing.
9. Never bring up the letter before Y

Talking about ex’s is like comparing. Comparing your girl to your ex, for them, is discouraging. Always let her hear that the only word that your mouth speaks is her. And stop talking about past. Live on the present and make good for the future.

10. Always act the best policy

Being honest is one of the factors that women want about men. A myriad of established good things about your relationship will be torn down by a single lie. Once you uttered lie, never expect the kind of her before. Always take care of her trust.

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