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Dan Brown's First Page-Turner Novel

How could someone miss the name of this definite genius in writing? An author who creatively and assumingly decoded the message of the famous painter-Leonardo Da Vinci- with his writing which undoubtedly heaved million of readers around the world to browse his masterpiece expecting until the end. A writer who had caught the attention of the most influential religious leader in the world. An scriber who lines his piece with suspense and unpredictable twist of story. These are only some of the common descriptions of this one-of-a-kind writer in the world—Dan Brown.

Surely, Dan Brown had transformed the world of writing with his certainly distinctive scribing style. But before we had glimpsed on his most renowned book, The Da Vinci Code, before the “Inferno” conflagrated into readers mind, before we joined Robert Langdon in his quest for the search of “The Lost Symbol,” before we had witnessed the features of “Angels and Demons” and before we had been pulled with the tricks staged by the most world-known science agency in his book “Deception Point,” Dan Brown had revealed to the public the first peeping machine built by human with his breathtaking, suspenseful book “The Digital Fortress."

About the book

For someone who did not yet read this exceptional book by Brown, this article aims to give you a peek about his first novel.

Published in 1998, this book is all about one of the dangerous yet the greatest inventions in the digital world- Digital Fortress. Digital Fortress is a kind of digital code that no one can break even the fastest and smartest decrypting computer of the National Security Agency in USA. That code was invented by one of the well-known digital persons and called as the crippled genius, Ensei Tankado who had once been an agent of NSA before which later been expelled because of what he requested to his superior in informing all the citizen of USA that their agency is rearing a machine that can hear and see every conversation they have digitally which was obviously opposed to the his superior’s will. As a warning, Ensei invented the unbreakable code which contains a very powerful defense-demolishing program that can destruct the firewalls of the database of the USA intelligence and be exposed to every potential enemy of USA. And with that, the head cryptographer of the NSA, Susan Fletcher is tasked to break that code which also contains every single ancient method of transferring a code. And without Susan’s prior notice, her boyfriend, David Becker, was involved on the mission to break the code who also undergone ferocious path to complete the task. David was sent by Susan’s superior, the Deputy director of NSA, Commander Trevor Strathmore, on the mission to gain information about the code that can break Tankado’s masterpiece. Later on in the story, it was revealed that Strathmore had sent Susan’s boyfriend on the mission for some hidden agenda which is to get rid of him while he works with his new apple-of-the-eye and head cryptographer, Susan. At the end, with the frustrations they suffered in unveiling the secret code to break the  indestructible code, Susan led her team in undraping the code with her insightful mind getting the message of Tankado before he passed away who only wanted for his countrymen to make known to all of them about the glancing machine of USA.
Review about the book

Truly, it is a masterpiece of a gifted enabling every reader to engage in such an owned-built world. Informative and exasperating in all angle.

Some of the subjects implied by this book are about patriotism or the extreme love for country and transparency among the agencies of government. Patriotism is shown on the part of the Deputy Director of the National Security Agency Commander Trevor Strathmore who is willing to sacrifice anything for the welfare of majority. He sent his subordinates on the mission allowing him to do whatever means necessary to complete the task even killing of people just to protect his country by believing that making the machine known for few persons and be kept in secret from the public.
Transparency among the agencies of government was illustrated by Ensei Tankado in his task to oblige the National Security Agency to reveal the secret about their machine that can hear and see every digital conversation of the US citizens.

“There are no secrets that are never put into light.” The statement simply means that every secret will be revealed soon. No secrets will be unknown forever. I had stated the sentence because of the scenario in the story in which the government of the USA has a secret which regards to the peeping machine that peeks and eavesdrops to every conversation of others. And that is considered as a violation of individual right to privacy. And to that, later on that secret will be exposed to public.

Asking me if I enjoyed reading the story, I will surely answer yes because it made me pulled on its every page until the end. I enjoyed reading information that is new to me and this book provided them for me

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