Monday, November 30, 2015

My Rare Partner


I’m thankful I’m the one who found her first. Just like having found a rare item in video games, my stats had changed. My world became better and full of confidence, giving me assurance that everything would be fine along the way.

She buffs up my strength, giving me more power to face the most ravage monster lurking in every dungeon I would be entering. She enchants my dull sword which enables it to slash my enemies’ flesh in just a single hit. She steels my shield that completely blocks every ferocious attack like they are nothing. She heals my wound I suffer from powerful blows of my foes, enabling me to remain standing in the battle.

Gratification reigns on me when I found her, my rare partner… my special girl.

I’m grateful that the Game Master of our world gave me this rare partner of mine. With her, I am eager to wake up in the morning to face the new day and new adventure ahead, and with confidence, I am positive that my mission assigned to me will be accomplished.

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