Thursday, January 7, 2016

The "Big Bang" Moment

A pleasant day to everyone who is stopping by here in my little realm!

I just downloaded the Blogaway app for my phone and it’s time to make this blog glinting already. I will not be following my plan for this blog but I will be doing the best I can to somehow give you small entertainment for those bibliophile like me.

But before anything else, let me introduce myself.

I call myself as The Strayed Wannabe.  What is the reason behind this?

Well, strayed because I feel in myself that I am directionless. I do not know what path to take. I love writing but my profession said that I am a teacher so I should do teaching.

I branded myself as wannabe because I want to be a published author someday but my irrelevant habits keep me on hindering.

I am a 100% native Filipino living in the countryside of the Philippines. I love American novels the way I love our country’s literature.

My favorite books are Dan Brown’s and Pittacus Lore’s. Recently, I am starting to love Tony Abott’s The Coopernicus Legacy Series.

My favorite TV Shows are Person Of Interest, CSI, The Flash and The Blacklist. I am not a fan of zombie so with The Walking Dead.

I also read manga (a Japanese comics). I am fanatic of Naruto and Hunter X Hunter. But at this moment, I read Toriko.

Aside from writing in which I published on my Figment page, I also play soccer.  I love touching a ball with my feet. May I slightly brag by saying that I am a good with scoring a goal? No? Okay, let’s leave that behind.

I guess I already told you about things that are special to me. How about telling about yours too? I’ll be glad to hear it.

It’s nice to have you here.

The Strayed Wannabe

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