Thursday, January 7, 2016

I Want To Write

Something pops-up in my mind
I want to write

The pen excitedly trembles in my hand
I want to write

A clean sheet appears before my eyes
I want to write

My ass glued on my cot so tight
I want to write

My creativity starts to ignite
I want to write

My cellphones beeps on my right
Followed by the realization
That is already late at night

I try to fight
The dizziness that poisons me so fast

Now that my mood soars like a kite
I can’t believe that
That something that popped-up had already fade out

Though I want to write
But perhaps my timing is not right
Maybe I’ll just follow what it would be like
And think everything will be alright

There’s tomorrow to come
Another day for sunshine to beam so bright
I just wish my earnestness to write
Will still spark even in the midst of the night.

2015 ©Copyright
The Strayed Wannabe

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