Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Number Of Destiny

They always ask me the question, “What is special with the number 27?”

My only and always response is, “It’s the number of destiny.”

Some would frown if they hear that answer from me which only implies their HUH? reaction.

They want to say, “What are you talking about?”

However, they are being stopped with the awkwardness of that moment. So, their only choice is to keep quiet, ignore what I said and let the ambiance go back to normal.

Also sometimes, there are some profound people who would ask that question and would react in different way instead of frowning. The next thing they want to hear after my destiny-thing answer is the reason behind that reply.

Well, that is not difficult for me to do. In fact, I would eagerly tell the basis of my answer, poetically.

So, when they position themselves to listen, I start my storytelling in…

“On one cold breezy night of second day of March in the year nineteen-ninety-three, the first cry of a boy was heard. A sound of new life echoed on that moment, giving smile of happiness to the people around him to see the new member of their family.

A month and twenty-five days after, thousands of kilometers away from where the boy was born, another cry of fresh existence had reverberated on that twenty-seventh day of April in the same year, giving a lovable couple who have already four sons their first girl in their family.

These two children lived their own different lives. Grew up without knowing what comes ahead on their future. With those long years that they do not know each other or even do not know if one of them exists, it was impossible that their path would converge in one direction.

Many years had passed and the two were still living their own lives. Both of them were enjoying their happy moments mostly on their schooldays.

Exactly seventeen years after these two people were born, on the year two-thousand-ten, at the seventh day of June, first day of their college years, the impossibility for both of them to meet had been broken.

The boy, seeing that woman then, was captivated by the radiance of her beauty. He felt that an angel had come down. That time the only relationship they have is being a classmate. So, the boy used that advantage to show-off during their class, trying to impress his apple-of-the-eye. With his continuous effort, the blessing had come. Their path had become one. Though they are still living their different lives, the two had made a promise that someday it would become one.

That was why the boy never forgets every special date of their lives. His birthday, the birthday of his girl and most special, the first day they met. ”
So that’s it. That is the story I always tell to the people who would care to ask about the reason behind the number 27.

If you consider the three special dates, there is only one you could think of a perfect number with those…


I always tell to myself that even though there is no number twenty-seven briefcase in a variety show Deal or No Deal, I felt that I am already a millionaire by having the girl of my life.

Every one of us has a favorite number. Some choose it because it is their birthday or maybe it is lucky. But do other people have more profound reason why they choose their favorite number? If you do have, what is that reason?


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