Monday, January 11, 2016

Where Are You Now

Tears form on my longing eyes, eventually turning to a burst that runs down through my old, sagging cheeks as the reminiscence of our suppose-to-be-forever past, the only thing that keeps me back in time, lingers in my curling, sooun-to-be scatty consciousness.

The vibrant, lasting images of our tenderness to each other flash causing an ironical sadness instead of wide grin in my elapsed face.

The thought of forever seems only happen on dreamy tales as I recapture our love’s very end. Last words of yours wound my assuming heart causing my life until now wanders for no reason.  Revealing my scapegoat that I hardly tried to seek the kind of yours in such a pretentious world but the mock memories of ours glued me in the idea that one day, your silky, amorous hair will still wave before my eyes. The warmth of your body will still blaze the cold, lonely nights. The radiance of your scarlet lips will someday become the source of vivaciousness of my dry, yearning lips. But as the seconds tick, the realization that those illuminations of yours will be just a sweet description that I can somehow glimpse on a romantic masterpiece.

Different from my ignorance about how things about us started, the gloom within me consumes my lively identity as I slowly stride my first step to white peacefulness without you by my side. I just wonder if you would still answer me if I ask you “Where are you now?”

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