Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why Star Wars Is So Addicting?

I do not know when was Star Wars became the most popular saga or book series. The only thing I am sure is that I was only a toddler when it conquered the world, sending thrills to everyone who read or watched it.  I am also certain that it was undeniably a phenomenal fad for its fanatics when it was on its Golden Age, which is evident on how some people still remember every characters and places in the story.

At first, I was asking myself before if why many people were so addicted on this story. I am not fond of reading books that is why I cannot relate to any discussion pertaining to it. As I grow up and become thirstier on knowledge, I learn to love reading. Once I had finished reading the first book ever in my life, which I remember it was the Angels and Demons of Dan Brown, my hate of reading turned to be my most lovable fondness of mine. I read many fiction books and sometimes non-fictions until I came across with a book entitled “Star Wars: Darth Maul the Shadow Hunter” of Michael Reaves. At first, I was not interested to browse the pages of that book. However, when I only read the first sentence (Space is the only perfect place to hide.), I was driven to read the whole story and I did not regret on my action.

Upon finishing that, my answer to my question regarding why many people before were so addicted on this story revealed. How the authors created this multi-version book had definitely left the people something to crave for (the type of characters, the government system, the social status, etc.,). Most of all, this book is nearly related to the reality. It is just authors used this book as a medium to describe what our real world is and they were trying to deliver a message to million readers of it.

When I finished reading the first Star Wars book I’ve ever read, I was curious what do the different species (Twi’lek, Hutt, etc.)in the story look like. So to know that, I downloaded a list of Star Wars species with their pictures. That was totally crazy because those are just fictional characters and I was become curious to know their faces. Because of that, I had proven how addicting Star Wars really is.

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