Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Resolution: A Key To A Better Change Or A Self-Mockery?

“I’ll be good this year,” “I’ll have my proper diet,” “No more carbs this time,” “I’ll start studying my lesson,” “No more cheating in school,”

Sounds familiar? Well, actually, admit it or not, those are some sweet promises we utter as the year ends and as the New Year starts. Those are our New Year’s Resolutions we tell to ourselves not only when we were children but also now that we are already grown up. Sounds good isn’t? Keeping promises to ourselves. Setting goals for ourselves at the start of the year. It is certainly a good thing to begin the year ahead of us.

The only question will be “Are we really doing those things?” Do we really carry those things out all time? Or it is another proof that we are consistently inconsistent in our action? Will those things really trigger us for a better change? Or those are just another promises to break?

With the fact that sometimes or maybe always we are inconsistent in our action, I try not to set goals that are not attainable or promise to myself before the New Year starts a thing that I cannot accomplish at the end of the year. Well, aiming high is good. But too much like that is somewhat driving you to become ambitious until such time the goal that you are setting will be already unattainable.

So as the year ended, and before we step seriously on the first ladder of New Year let us not forget to set goals. Goals that we can possibly achieve at the end of the year and not the things that we do not even dare to do at the start. Or else, our sweet promises to ourselves will turn out to be a sour self-mockery.

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