Monday, August 29, 2016

The New Generation Of Students

When I was the student, I didn't mind what grade would I have. I did not have hard feelings even if my mark in Physics  stopped only at 76.

My classmates always teased me if I got 77 in Math. But for me?  That is "so-what? "

I don't say "What the f*ck!" if my teacher gave me 78 in our English language subject. Instead I laughed about it and say,  "Maybe I'm not enjoying it enough. Try enjoying it more. " I always say to myself.

I did not complain to my Values Education subject teacher when she gave me 78 as my grade. Thanks to her I learned that I'm not educated enough and I admit it. With that, I had the chance to improve my behavior( even a bit) .

My friend felt happy when every time he sees his name on the list of top students. Well,  I had the same feeling even if my name is on the last of the list. Why?

It 's because it simply implies that I still had the chance to go up on the list. I took it as a challenge and not as a sad reality. Doing that brought me into an adventure that I enjoyed embarking on----the learning adventure!

Along the way, I didn't notice how I was doing. For every step of the journey, I leaped with enjoyment. I was able to grasp things that were unknown to me for the sake of unraveling mysteries and not for the numbers that were displayed on my report card.

I really enjoyed my learning adventure to the extent that I noticed myself  longing to continue it until my hairs whitened. But life doesn't work like that. Nothing is permanent. My turn for that kind of adventure has ended. Then,  my time to provide that sort of journey to the students like me before has come. So, I became a teacher who had a mindset that all students have enjoyment in schooling. However, the reality do not conform with what is in my mind. Students nowadays are different. I hate to compare but I am just saddened with the real world of schooling.

Young schoolers go to school just to comply with the requirement for attendance without real participation in the learning process. Some listen because surely what their teachers talk about will come out in the quizzes or quarterly examinations. Others just sit, murmuring "Ring the bell. Ring the bell. Ring the bell. " This only indicates that they don't see the fun in solving mathematics equation. They are afraid or ashamed to speak in English because they fear that they will be stating  grammatically incorrect sentences. They don't realize that it will bring  a jolly moment with their friends after uttering such imperfection.

I'm also saddened to see some students asking for a higher grade than what is in the class record. They beg their teachers to give them a mark higher than 80.

In my mind I say, "We are not the one who are giving their grades. They make it themselves. Teachers are just the human calculators who compute their quizzes and examinations for them. We only process what inputs they will provide to us teachers. "

The worst is they ask a higher one if they see it below 80. The reason behind this? As they claim, they will lose their chance to be listed on the tally of the students with honors.

Honor. Honor. Honor.

I am not informed that nowadays honor can be acquired through begging. I don't find the word in it.

Perhaps, school is just for schooling only and not for learning anymore. It has become an institution that only  readies young people in their future workplace and not for the stage where they will really excel.

Students' only concern is their grade and  not the learning behind those numbers.

I ask myself, "When will be the time that I will hear students say, ' I enjoy Math.' or 'I love English."

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