Sunday, August 28, 2016


Maybe it was already a month (if my memory still works fine) since the last time I wrote an English-written entries in my blog.

I think I believe now the saying about a writer that you know you are a writer when you feel irritated if you haven't written anything in a day.

I have that sensation. But my feeling is somewhat an anxiety. I feel anxious when I don't write because I am paranoid that my passion as a writer will fade if I don't write even one day.  But to still keep that passion burning, I indulge myself to reading, hoping I would find something that will ignite an inspiration.

Yet,  nothing has come. But this time,  I am writing a Filipino humor eBook mostly about science.

Still,  I am not contented with my venture because I don't feel writing unless I write it in English. You may call that a treason. If it suits.

I don't know why I feel that way. Maybe I am used to my wannabe spirit that always produces nothing to be proud of.

I guess that attitude is another problem of me.  How to deal with it is I don't know.
That is why until now, I can't feel my own voice in my writing which hinders me to say what I have really to say.

Maybe time will tell when I will learn how to speak and hear my own voice.

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